I must say I truly underestimated eBooks. I could never understand why people would pay money for information they could generally get for free on the Internet.

The fact that eBooks are so successful, goes to show that not everything is freely available, or at least it is not in an easily consumable format. I also wonder, what is the percentage of people who buy ebooks so they can print it out in an easy to read format. Going from the people in my office, I believe this is probably very high.

Yaro has a very fine interview with an Australian lady who with her husband has made over $250,000 from selling ebooks.

I believe the important points from the interview interview are:

– research your market before you do any writing
– find a niche that people need information on – an inch wide, a mile deep

The interview is part one of a two part interview. I am very keen to hear part two, to hopefully pick up some ebook marketing tips.

I suppose I am going through a bit of an ebook fad at the moment and currently working on two new books. I have already made the first mistake of not researching the market well enough first.

One is a Tokyo guide and another is on how I made money on eBay. eBay is a totally saturated market, but I believe I can capitalize on a niche area. I doubt that my books will be a raging success, but the beauty of ebooks is that it is totally passive income. Once you have written it, it is all pure profit thereafter. Of course you will need to update it occasionally, but as long you aren’t writing about technology type of stuff, updates do not have to be too big.

The other advantage of ebooks over regular published books, is that they never go out of print!