I have been enjoying playing around with some videos I have taken. My computer though doesn’t have enough grunt though to do any heavy editing.

I just discovered TubeMogul which automatically uploads your videos to 14 different video sites. I had been using Video Post Robot which is a paid service and had been having some problems. TubeMogul is free and seems to work great.

I now have 100,000 plus views in YouTube, which really isn’t a lot compared with some popular videos, but if you multiply this by 10 different video sites, you can see that video can be a great way to promote a website. Of course not everyone is going to visit your site, and video sites other than YouTube just don’t get as much traffic, but if you had a memorable domain, I think video can be a great way to promote your brand.

Another thing I found was a site called HowCast. It is a user generated how to video website. They also paying people $50 a video. I think there are a range of topics you need to need to select to be paid, but if you are a little savy with making videos it could be something worth checking out.