Just before holidays I wrote that I was planning on creating a social networking type site. I give it some more thought while I was away and I really want to create something that looks great, has lots of features and some great content.

For the past year I have considered buying a number of different websites. The problem with starting a new site is that you just cannot get the advantages of having an old domain with lots of inbound links.

The advantage though of creating something completely new is that I won’t have to deal with any legacy issues or have the fear of messing up the site and its search rankings.

I have decided to go with Joomla and to pay for a professionally designed template. It is something that I have wanted to do for a while. Even though I would love to learn more about design, the fact that you can pay to get someone to do everything for you, leaves you the time to get the content and website features set up.

I am always impressed by the number of great extensions Joomla has. Some are commercial products, but most are free. Extensions are like plug-ins for Word Press.

Some require some tweaking to get working, but most of the extension writers have websites with forums where you can post questions and problems you are having.

Another potentially interesting product I found was AroundMe. It is another interesting free product, which I hope catches on. Since the user base is still fairly small I have decided to stick with Joomla, but I might install it on another domain I have.