You have a great idea for a website and have thought of a good name. You check the name on your favorite registar only to find the .com .net and .org are all taken. Even if the .biz was available, I don’t think I would ever use the extension. .info though is not bad if the others are taken.

I am not really a fan of backordering domains or going through lists of expired domain names either.

I had an idea for a new website and decided to see what was available on Snapnames. I think I listened to a podcast recently with one of their staff on Webmaster Radio.

Anyway, I found a pretty good keyword domain for just $35. I am not sure how it works, but if I had of checked a site like Godaddy, the domain would have just shown the domain was already registered. There were also some good names for $100-$200. I would much prefer to get a half decent name for a site and spend a couple of hundred dollars on a name rather than resorting to unfamiliar extensions or using hyphens and numbers in the domain.