This is a sponsored post.

I have signed up with one of the newer pay for posting service: ReviewMe. They are giving out $25,000 to bloggers who review their site.

They are associated, or owned by TextLinkAds. I have just recently signed up with Textlinkads and I have been impressed so far with how it is performing.

There has been quite a bit of debate over bloggers receiving money for paid reviews of services and products. I think much of the problem is that bloggers didn’t disclose that they were receiving money for the review.

Other than making money for writing this, I thought it would be interesting to sign up and see what comes about of this new service. I have had a similar idea for such a service and surprised it has taken this long for a company to start this.

What do people think of a “paid to review” blogging post? Personally, I don’ think there is much of a problem as long as the review is related to the blog and the blogger discloses that they are receiving money for the review. The other positive thing about the service is that you do not necessarily have to write a positive review of the product or service. Although one would imagine, you probably won’t get too many offers if you are scathing of every product you review.

I find if I can make more money with a site or blog, I do invest more time in creating content, so any new income stream I can find is a blessing.