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Propertymartoverseas is a European based international property website. They claim to have over fifty thousand listings in 68 countries, which is a pretty impressive volume. Looking at the properties in Australia they are mostly the type that are fairly expensive apartments that are marketed to overseas investors.

I searched next for property in Thailand and the results returned properties from a number of different countries, including India, Greece and the US – but not Thailand.

The website has property country profiles from around the world. I took a look at the profiles for property in Japan and Australia and the information is a simple introduction to the countries with some information on the current state of the market. Many countries have different laws and regulations for foreign investors and I think it would be better if they provided this kind of information on their website.

The company also publishes a property magazine which is distributed in the UK where your properties can also be listed. They also have a property news section on their site which has some interesting articles for overseas investors. The section would have more value if they provided an RSS feed.

In summary the site is a good resource for people contemplating purchasing an overseas property, but the site lacks any advanced listing features, like virtual walk throughs and property maps that are fairly standard on property websites these days.