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Written by Mike

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I just had one of my best website days in terms of traffic on my Beijing Olympic site. From around 60 visitors to 6000, mostly from Stumbledupon. I know it is going to come down again, but I got some new links and hopefully some new readers.

I have been in Beijing a week now and China about two weeks. I am spending most of my time on the site. I took Adsense off of it a little while ago as I was getting some weird clicks, but will put it back on again soon.

I never made the $10 from the 30 Day Challenge, but now I suppose some of techniques I learnt there have helped. A shout out to Jeffrey from Confess Mail and his very funny blog Kitty Hell and Work on a Boat, for their fantastic suggestions and advice.

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  1. 47 says:

    Congratulations! That’s a nice looking site. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Did many of those people subscribe to the RSS feed or is it too early to tell?


  2. confess says:

    Congrats on the traffic — glad to see that the content from the trip is starting out on the right foot.

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