I am sometimes envious of people who have just one big website which they focus on. I can see the advantages of having just one thing to concentrate on. The problem I have is that I am always thinking of new ideas and always thinking the next site I develop is going to be “the one” that makes it big.

What I then end up with a hodge-podge of different websites. As long as I don’t have to spend much time maintaining them and they are able to grow by themselves with user generated content, I can’t seeing it being much of a problem. Adsense always seems to be up and down but every now and again I am approached by companies wanting to either advertise on my site or run an affiliate program.

Joblet approached me today to place a job widget on my Japan job site. You get paid for the referrals you bring in and looks like an excellent match for my site.

If you only had the one site you will be limited by these different opportunities.