Disclosure: The following is a paid review for linkworth.com

Oexoptions is an advisory service specializing in the OEX assisting people with online trading. From their website I found out that the OEX is a subset of S&P 500 index consisting of the top 100 blue-chip stocks from a diverse range of industry groups.

They offer a full-time mentoring service via email for people who are doing online stock trading. Their website offers three level of information. The first level is free and has details on the company, an example of one of their stock alerts, a podcast on their services and a number of newsletters on investing.

Levels 2 and 3 are subscription services. They offer a free 15 day trial of their level 2 service where you can sample the kind of information you will receive. They are fairly honest with their information and don’t prescribe it as being a quick rich scheme. They mention the risks involved and the fact that it can take about 6 months to become familiar with a new trading system.

Subscribers receive a number of emails, or “signals” throughout the trading day. A level 3 subscription offers an even more personalized service. After the 15 day trial, the level 2 subscription is $249 a month. Discounts apply for longer subscriptions.

I have never tried trading options, so I cannot judge the effectiveness of their system. Although if I was interested in giving it a try I would be more than happy to sign-up for their 15 day trial. Click here to register for a free trial of their option trading advisory service.