No feedburner in China

Written by Mike

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If you are wondering why you get traffic from China but don’t have any RSS readers and you use feedburner for your feed, well the reason is that feedburner is generally blocked in China by the great Chinese firewall.

Most blogs hosted on their own domain are fine, Google Reader and Bloglines work fine too. The problem lies when you try to subscribe to a blog which uses feedburner and you click on the RSS icon.

There are many ways around this of course and net savy users will know what to do, but there are times when you just can’t be bothered jumping hurdles.

I just thought I would mention this if you are targetting users in China with your blog.

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  1. lissie says:

    Now that is an obscure bit of inside knowledge Iwould neve have known of! What is the market like in China for English content – is there a generation coming thru that can read English well?

  2. Mike says:

    Difficult to know lissie. I think by choice they probably stick to Chinese sites. I know it is definitely the case in Japan.

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