I just received an email from World Friends Networks asking me if I want to join their program. Their program looks a lot better than the current dating site I am promoting – friendfinder.com.

I currently make around $100 a month through friendfinder, so this could be a good new source of revenue for my tokyoessentials and dotjapan websites.

Their program enables to make my own branded website, rather than users just clicking on an affiliate link and leaving my site.

Subscription based affiliate programs are some of the more lucrative programs you can make money from. Rather than just a one off purchase from a site like Amazon, subscription programs give you a percentage of the revenue every month the person is a member.

Programs are usually fairly inexpensive and are charged directly to a credit card, so once someone joins the program they usually stay in it for at least a few months. It’s a great way to build residual income and can add great value to your website.