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I bought and implemented a new theme from Revolution themes today. Magazine type themes for blogs have become popular recently further creating a blur between websites and blogs.

Your old content on blogs tends to get lost in the archives and using a theme like the ones from Revolution give you the ability to keep some of your better articles on display. I think this is important if someone comes across your site for the first time. You want them to see some of your best work, rather than some rant or off topic post that might be your latest item.

The top menu by default displays your wordpress pages. The menu below displays your categories. If you have a lot of different categories, the menu doesn’t display properly. Sub-categories are automatically display as pull down menus. The categories on my blog have started to get a bit messy, so it made me try to organize them a bit better.

To display the categories in the left area and down the center is as simple as choosing the category ID. There is also a nice bit of space to display videos and some advertisements. The RSS links and email subscription form are also displayed prominently.

Revolution also have a sports, magazine and technology themes. Well worth the money in my opinion.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Hey Mike, love the new theme. It looks great. I had considered using a theme like this for my new site but opted for a hodge podge of chaos instead. You’ll see what I mean once I launch the site. 🙂 I wish I knew more about tweaking WordPress!

  2. I like the new theme. It is simple and clean with focus directed to the content! Good choice!

  3. 47 says:

    It looks nice! Did you get rid of the newsletter sign up or are you still customizing this theme?


  4. Mike says:

    47, not sure what you mean. I have put the feedburner widget for the newsletter signup. I will probably go with aweber eventually.

  5. 47 says:

    Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize the Zookoda widget was just replaced by the Feedburner widget.


  6. The new theme looks great. Very clean and organized. I can see why these types of layouts are becoming popular.

  7. lissie says:

    Nice theme – easy to read – even on a 12″ screen!

  8. Claire says:

    Beautiful! I love it!

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