I have had the day off today for the day I worked last Saturday. I taken the time to work on my new site and today it has gone live! It still needs a lot more work done on it, but I thought it was good enough to upload so it can (hopefully) start to get indexed by Google. It is also my first site, entirely in Japanese. I might add some English info later.

You can take a look here: www.ozfudosan.com

When I get the text fixed up a bit more I will probably kick off my marketing with an Adwords campaign. It is really hard starting a new site. Usually the sites that appear in the top search results have been around for years, with hundreds of pages of content.

“Fudosan” means realestate in Japanese. I thought it was a reasonable domain name to get. I am hosting the site with doteasy, which provides free web hosting without any advertising. The domain name cost $20 at doteasy and the translation of the text has cost close to $300.

I don’t know if I will get any customers but I think the business worth a try at starting. If I don’t get any customers, I will probably put on some Adsense on the site and try to make it into an information site for Japanese moving to Australia.

I really admire what this guy is doing: www.9rules.com “1 man, 9 sites and counting…”. He claims that his best month generated around US$10,000. I like the simple design of his sites. He seems to have created some great templates, so if he has a new idea for a site it probably doesn’t take any time to get it live.

Also, if you have one big popular site, you can just add some links from the big site to the new site and you will be indexed by Google in no time. Just don’t link back the new site to the old site, which can work against you.