I acquired my first established website this week. I completed the transaction through Sedo. They offered fairly good support and it went through fairly smoothly. You can see the site here: Tokyo Essentials.

I am sure many people would see this site and wonder what was I thinking. Well the site has been up for around 5 years and has a lot of good back links. It has some reasonable content that I am too lazy to create and it ranks well in the search engines.

It didn’t have any advertising on it except the affiliate links to make hotel bookings. I thought I could make some reasonable money from it, from just putting Adsense on to it.

I have spent a few hours plastering Adsense on most of the pages, putting in some Amazon links and changing the affiliate IDs to my own account. Over the past 2 days Adsense earnings have been reasonable enough – nothing huge and but nothing dissapointing.

I have started working a much cleaner version of the site using CSS and straight HTML. I am trying to optimize it as much as possible with the little SEO knowledge I have. The site is currently all HTML which makes it to difficult to update in its current form.

I am beginning to get really into CSS. I don’t know why anyone puts anything into tables anymore. With you CSS you can easily say where exactly you want elements to appear on a web page.

Once I have done the clean, I plan to add pages and pages of new content. It will be fun visiting places in Tokyo I have never been to and going to places I haven’t been to in a long time.