I have been working on a new site and it is now live: nzproperty.org.

My dotjapan is somewhere in the Google sandbox, so I believe that if you have an idea for a site that you would like to start it is better to start it TODAY rather than procrastinating as whether it will work or not.

Domains can be bought for less than $10 and hosting can be had for around $5 a month. It has been one year since I started www.thetokyoguide.com and the other day I got an offer for it.

Hosting with doteasy is free for 1 year if you buy the domain from them. I don’t make much on the site and don’t update it at all, but I earn a nice trickle of money from it. Why would I want to sell? If someone is interested in it now, imagine what it could be worth in a couple of years.