I started secret-scrolls.com in December 2005 to countdown the release of the program What is the secret?. I was impressed with how successful with their viral marketing campaign, so I decided to create a blog around the program.

I was getting good traffic to the blog as the countdown got closer. However, once it was released I lost interest in the site. I thought it could be a great personal development blog which could discuss issues brought up in the TV program, but I didn’t have the motivation to research and write for the blog.

Just towards the end of last year a reader of this blog, contacted me regarding the possibility of working together. After thinking of a few ideas, I suggested he took over secret-scrolls. He agreed, and fortunately it is a subject he has a deep interest in, and even has connections to the creator of the program. The blog has a new theme installed and has been upgraded to the latest version of WP.

It is exciting for me and I hope it will be a start in creating more partnerships this year.