The main reason for the complete lack of updates on this blog, is that I have been working on a new project. A new project that I am very passionate about and has been great to work on.

Last year I moved to Bali and I created a free guide to how people might be able to find work or start a business. Other than a bit of promotion I did in the beginning, I have had over 750 people download the book.

I have been spending the past few months researching and writing a book that went into much more detail about starting a business in Bali. I released it last week and so far the response has been fantastic.

I interviewed successful expat business owners and that in itself was a great experience for me.

It is definitely a lot more work creating your own products to sell, but building an email list and selling your own products is so much more rewarding than playing the Adsense game.

I have been using e-junkie to sell my ebook and it is working out great so far.

And yes, there is an affiliate program if anyone is interested.