I have launched my new site Countdown to Bejing Olympics. For now I am committing to at least a three year blog! Who knows what I will be doing in 3 years. I am fairly sure if had a blog with probably over 1000 entries, it would be one of the hottest sites during the Olympcis.

Three years of work for one week, it is kind of scary. After the Olmpics the domain wouldn’t have much value, but by then perhaps I will already be close to retirement? For the site I found a hosting provider for $30 a year! Hosting is definitely cheap enough now that you if you are half serious about your site, you should definitely register a domain and pay for hosting. I have never heard of a site being hosted on blogger and being sold.

Moving domains presents its own challenges. Darren again has provided some good advice on this.

For the blog I found a nice little script that does a countdown to the start of the Olympics.