The Olympics are over and at least the monetary gain although the monetary gain from the site was disappointing, I am soldiering on working on a new project.

Most of the sites I started are doing ok now and don’t require too much maintenance, therefore I can put a lot of time into my next website. For my next project, I wanted to focus on what I am interested in and what I can see will be fun and interesting developing and more importantly has good opportunities for advertising and affiliate income.

I want to combine blogging, news articles and user generated content into the site. It is something I have been successful with other sites and I hope to replicate in my new project. Since I have less to write about here, I am going to document my goals for the site and how I plan to meet them.

When I did the 28 sites in 28 days challenge it got a bit of interest, so I think it is something that both I and my readers might benefit from.