My laptop has been giving me trouble these days and while the hardware is fine, Windows is giving the bluescreen of death every second day. It get’s pretty annoying.

I think I will buy a new Netbook soon, so instead of a new laptop I thought I would just get a new phone with Wfi. I had been wanting one for a while now, but kept putting it off. Then I saw the Nokia E63 here in Indonesia for 3 million rupiah. I read some reviews of the phone and it sounded just like what I wanted.

So far everything is working great on it. I installed a free application Fring which serves as Skype client and connects with the popular messaging programs.

I spoke to my mum on Skype in Australia from my hotel with free wifi and the quality was pretty good and I only got disconnected once. It really saves the hassle of opening up your laptop and waiting for windows to load.