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Retire Young and Wealthy » My new Nokia E63
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My new Nokia E63

Written by Mike

Topics: Mobile living, Reviews

My laptop has been giving me trouble these days and while the hardware is fine, Windows is giving the bluescreen of death every second day. It get’s pretty annoying.

I think I will buy a new Netbook soon, so instead of a new laptop I thought I would just get a new phone with Wfi. I had been wanting one for a while now, but kept putting it off. Then I saw the Nokia E63 here in Indonesia for 3 million rupiah. I read some reviews of the phone and it sounded just like what I wanted.

So far everything is working great on it. I installed a free application Fring which serves as Skype client and connects with the popular messaging programs.

I spoke to my mum on Skype in Australia from my hotel with free wifi and the quality was pretty good and I only got disconnected once. It really saves the hassle of opening up your laptop and waiting for windows to load.

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  1. Home Flipper says:

    Fring is actually pretty cool! havent seen the Nokia E63 yet.

  2. Nokia E63 is quite a nice gadget

  3. Zachary says:

    can you get nokia e63 is Nusa Dua in bali, i am going over in october and i really want one, HELP

  4. Mike says:

    You should be able to get one in Kuta at the CarreFour store or the electronic store on the top floor of the Kuta Discovery Mall. Price should be about 3.2 million.

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