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Retire Young and Wealthy » My new home, maybe
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My new home, maybe

Written by Mike

Topics: Indonesia, Travel

I just came back from spending about a month in the Philippines. I had some good friends from the Philippines while I was living in China last year, until the government kicked most of them out right before the Beijing Olympics.

I had a lot of expectations of the country and was even thinking of staying there semi-permanently. I bought the domain thephilippines.net for $1,100 last year with the intention of developing a travel website. My brief trip made me realize, it just wasn’t my cup of tea and much prefer anywhere else in south-east Asia. You can read about my impressions of the Philippines here. Today, I resold the domain for the same price I paid for it. At least I have a bit of extra money in the bank, even though I didn’t make any money from the sale.

On Wednesday I am going back to Medan, Indonesia. I am planning to try and rent an apartment there and settle down there for a while. Why Medan? Well, I will just have to let you guess why.

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  1. are u a filipin? l wil come there

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