I am putting on the final touches to my Tokyo travel ebook. It is over 120 pages long of content, pictures and maps. Getting all of the information together, formatting it and so on has take quite a while. Now I just need to create a sales page and submit it to Clickbank.

I don’t know why but I am having trouble completing these final steps. On Friday I had a great idea for another idea for another ebook and started researching it. Ideas of how I could promote it, just kept coming while I was researching it and thinking about it later.

I know the answer to my problem, is to set clear goals and stick to them. I am just having a bit of trouble focusing right now. Perhaps it is just the warmer weather and the World Cup.

Working and managing everything myself, is definitely the way to go for me, but sometimes I would like to talk to someone about what I am doing. Unfortunately I just don’t have the people around me who are interested in making websites and I am sure I drive my gf nuts from talking about affiliate marketing, ebooks and PPC.