Towards the end of last year, I wrote excitedly how I had made new partners for developing some new websites.

One is my sister, who is helping to work on Renovate my room, another are a couple who I have yet to meet and are helping with articles and promotion for NZ property. One more is from a friend who I have not heard back from in a long time, but I know he will send me an email out of the blue and announce he is in Tokyo.

Working on the internet has become part of my life and I get nervous just from the thought of not having an internet connection close by. It is a sad state of affairs, but when potentially it will be my full-time income what can you do?

Anyway the people who plan to be my partners are not so enthusiastic. Enthusiatic, yes, about making a new business/website, but following through and providing content is another matter.

I have another website which I am not so enthusiastic about, and recently asked for people to help write for the site. I have already had a few positive responses. Free content – yeah!

Anyway, I turned 33 today so I am having a bit of reflection on my life and business.