I have written about hub pages before. I took a bit of a break from the site and then have come back again to it recently.

I had a feeling that it was hard to get traffic to the sites you create, then I saw this post. The fun thing I like about the site, that it really is a community site with people sending each other comments and helping each other out. The regular people seem to concentrate on producing quality articles, rather than just promoting their sites.

It is an excellent way for people who have no clue about how to make money on the internet to get started. It is great for testing new ideas. Better to write an article there and see how it goes before you go off registering domains and so forth.

The other thing which makes it fun is the scoring system. You may not be making much money, but the more you contribute the higher your score goes. The more traffic you can get to your hub, the higher score you get for the hub. It feels like a bit of a game.

I can only see the site becoming more popular and it could be worth investigating how you can profit from the site more.

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