I am in the middle of cleaning up the hard disk on my desktop PC and came across this word document which my friend sent me who I was working with at the time. We had plans to work together, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that he was good at creating ideas, but not so good on the execution.

We both started blogs around the same time. His last entry was February 2005. Not necessarily because of his ideas, but I did actually implement a few of them.

Here is the complete document:


To increase revenue streams to 450,000 yen (around $4100) per month by utilizing multiple revenue streams across various industries

Possible Revenue Streams:

· Translation firm
· Web design firm
· Web development firm
· Discount dedicated server service (JI)
· Job board (J1)
· New Business Consulting
· Startup board
· Importing company
· Google ad words
· Advertisement revenue for content (i.e. Blog site)
· Social Network site
· Social Enterprise: get government support, international agencies, philanthropy
· Amazon webstore (API)
· Find-A-Teacher clone

Time Frame:

Immediate. Of the above possible steams, at least one should be selected and fully developed (70/30 ratio) by the end of Oct. All other streams should begin once the initial stream is set up.

Key Rules:

· No multi-tasking unless human resources are available.
· No sharing of streams with each other. They must be separate streams. Though they can be in the same industry.


I will build at least four revenue streams established by the first quarter of 2005. The first stream by Oct. if at all possible.

For a stream to be viable, it must generate 100,000 yen in less than 5 hours per month. Though this level of revenue is dependent on the qualities of the stream itself.

Time available:

No more than 20 hours a week is available to commit to streams. That is about 3 hours a day, every day