Someone left a comment asking how my mini-sites are doing. The short answer is: pretty average. Although, someone just yesterday bought a wine opener from my site.

I have done nothing to promote the site, it took a couple of hours to set up and I have made a couple of bucks from it. Is it worth it? Well, if you are looking for short term profits there are probably better ways to make money.

In the long term, who knows? There are so many things that could happen with the site.

One other problem, is that if you plan to make a bunch of mini-sites to profit from Adsense, there is fairly good emerging evidence that it is better to have one or a couple of big, high traffic sites with a lot of content on a fairly specific topic. For example mobile phones or a travel destinations.

Broad topic sites, untargetted users, humour sites are all going to perform bad in Adsense terms.

My other new sites are taking time to develop any traffic. Although, people are finding them. I started a site about the book and movie: Shantaram. I am currently on the first page of Google results for Shantaram Movie.

If I was able to maintain the position, I could expect some good results when the movie starring Johnny Depp is released.

So to conclude, nothing startling but I am an optimist!