I got a mention on Problogger on a post I created about Darren’s $14K month.

This is what I wrote: “I don’t know if I could put that much effort into blogging. I would prefer to maintain a website, that you don’t have to keep adding entries to and doesn’t require too much maintenance.”

This is what Darren wrote: “You’re not the only one – I’d love to have a passive income from a static site too – however the fact is that very few sites ever do achieve this. Search Engines like fresh content these days so sites that don’t update don’t tend to rank well over time. The idea of ‘easy money’ online isn’t one I subscribe to.”

I don’t believe there is any “easy money” that you can make on the web. It takes a lot of hard work. Although, if you get some success like Darren has got, the cash can really start to roll in.

I like writing my blog, but also like creating other websites. An old static website that has well created content can sit at the top of the search engines. An example is my tokyoessentials website which I bought. It is currently around 90 pages of content. I was thinking of taking it up to around 150 pages and then updating only occasionally. Just keep it as a nice little passive income earner.