The President of DMC Japan, Guy Harris, today invited me to a lunch at the ACCJ where Scott Neville, the Vice President, Global Services, of ValueCommerce gave a presentation on affiliate marketing in Japan.

I have met up with a couple of people before that read my blog, but today was the first time for a while. It is funny in some ways meeting up with someone who only knows about you through your blog. Guy has been in Japan for 18 years and has been running his own business since 1995.

Since I started myself with affiliate marketing, it was the first time to watch someone give a live presentation about it. The ACCJ is made up of mostly non-technical business people, so I think that Scott did a very good job of explaining how his company can help businesses with their sales and marketing.

I would love to do more Japanese sites, but since I cannot write native Japanese, it is much more time consuming and expensive to get sites set up. The rewards I believe however could be fantastic.

Consumer lending is rapidly becoming big business in Japan, where lending companies operate without the controls that are in place in most western countries. Scott said some companies where paying around $300-400 a referral.

We are going to meet up some time for a beer again soon, so if there is anyone in Tokyo who might be interested in joining us, please drop me a mail.