Following graduation, students are excited to begin their lives. They find jobs, make large purchases like new houses or cars, and plan for the future. Unfortunately, there is one pesky debt looming over their heads, and that is student loan debt. While students have a brief period before having to pay back student loans, they are often surprised when the first bill comes in the mail. However, graduates can manage their loans so that are able to minimize interest rates and pay off bills sooner. 

First, if the graduate has many loans, he or she should look
at consolidating loans as much as possible. Many banks or independent
companies will work with students to find ways to consolidate loans
to a smaller interest rate, thus making monthly payments a bit
smaller as well. Graduates should call around to find groups who are
willing to help with debt.

Next, graduates should make sure to make payments on time, every month. Even missing one payment can tack on additional payments and fees, which may then include additional interest as well. The longer it takes to pay the loan, the more interest is paid on the loan, so students should strive to pay down loans quickly.

Another way to save is to pay additional principle on loans each month. By paying off more principle, there is less money that is owed overall, which means that less interest will be paid in the long run. Graduates can make additional payments whenever they desire, which will help in the long run.

Students should also strive to get private loans when possible. These loans often have more flexible terms and repayment plans. By being specific about the types of loans they want, students will eliminate a lot of interest later on.

Finally, students should keep current on governmental policies. Many agencies want to increase student loan interest rates, so graduates must keep current and vote against such practices. This will help future students to have less debt when they graduate.

Though managing student loan interest may seem daunting, students have ways to work around their debt. By being conscientious and knowing about their loans, as well as knowing how to pay down their loans, students can find themselves out of debt faster than they think. So, graduates, get out there and start paying down those loans!