Even though there are some good free dating sites now available, there is still money to be made in dating. I am making over $2000 a year through a partnership I have on my Tokyo website, without spending any time dealing with the site or any money marketing it. My Tokyo site is a travel website, but the audience seems to also like the dating part of the website. It is totally managed by a company I have partnered with and revenue seems to be growing nicely. The partner is World Friends Networks and they are looking to expand their business.

I am offering $100 to anyone who would like to also become a partner with World Friends. I am willing to pay anyone $100 who is accepted into the network. You will need to have an established website with some traffic. WorldFriends sets up a dating site on a subdomain on your site. They try to integrate the design, so it looks like it is running on your own website, so it can also help get return visitors.

They pay quarterly and are prompt with their payments.

Update: I just realized that it now costs $500 to join the program. They have changed the policy since I joined. If you do have the traffic, I do believe it is a good revenue source, but I personally don’t believe in having to pay to join up to a program, even if it does take some time to get set up. I will leave up to people to decide if they want to go through.