List building -why didn’t I start earlier?

Written by Mike

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I just joined Aweber to build an email list for a new website I just started. I had read about creating lists ever since I started making websites. I messed around with some free newsletter programs, but never took it too seriously.

I have just created a couple of new lists for a couple of different websites. After adding the sign-up form to my site, within hours, I had people signing up.

Aweber has an RSS to mail feature so you can put in your RSS feed for your website and create a newsletter automatically, which should work well on my Japan job site. I also finally completed a guide to living in Japan which I am planning to sell on the site and put some links into the newsletter to promote it.

I don’t know why I didn’t implement it earlier! I guess one of the reasons was the perceived expense of around $20 a month. I thought I could do it all for free. If I had of implemented it earlier, I would probably have thousands of subscribers now. I have been so reliant on money from Adsense for such a long time, and while it is one of the easiest ways to make money online, it is perhaps one of the least effective. I am sure you have read all of the reasons before – people need to click away from your site to make money.

Aweber has some good tracking and reporting functions, allowing you to do split testing on the different styles of forms. It also feels good to see that people want to receive more information from you and they are happy to give you their details.

The next step of course is creating or finding a product that your list is interested in.

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  1. Karen Nash says:

    Hi Mike
    I couldn’t agree more. I should have started years ago too, but I always put it off, partly because of the effort of setting up lot of different capture pages seem like so much hassle. If you are a “html” competant then it probably seems less of an obstacle, but we lesser mortals can now use simpler systems to set up unlimited capture pages for all our niches and affiliate links with Aweber and Get Response to build our list.
    TIP: Only use reputable email management services, as the list you are building is going to be your serious asset, so take care of it right from the start.
    Actually, you may be interested in this system yourself to build your list as you promote your “japan” related niche topics, as it works on affiliate and social media sites too.
    regards, Karen
    (If anyone is interested -> )

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