Disclosure: The following is a paid review for linkworth.com

Linkworth has made me quite a bit of money since I joined their program. They have an ever expanding set of services to help web publishers make money online and companies with their search engine marketing campaigns.

One of their core services is text link ads. This is where companies can get links to their website on a broad range of sites. They offer both straight link placements and rotating ads. Web publishers place the advertisers’ links as a regular link on their website. Advertisers can set how they would like the anchor text to appear. Search engines use the keywords in the anchor text of links to help calculate the search ranking of particular keywords. Rotating ads are where the link changes, so people and search engines visiting a website see different links each time the page is viewed. Rotating ads are controlled by a small piece of code placed on a website.

Website publishers set the price of how much they are willing to sell links on their site for. It is important for web publishers not to set the rates too high initially to attract potential advertisers.

Other services which Linkworth offer, include a manual directory submission service, where you can get your site listed in up to 300 directories. In-text advertising, an IntelliTxt type service where advertisers can purchase keywords for their ads to appear on content websites. Ads appear in a bubble format when the mouse hovers over the keyword.

They have also introduced a paid-posting services for blogs and an article submission service. Linkworth has a number of payout options for web publishers, including bank transfer, check and Paypal. They have always provided good support to any issues I have had with them. They also offer a fairly generous recurring affiliate program.

Their increasing range of products and services can be sure to help web publishers make money online and to assist companies achieve results with their search engine marketing campaigns.