When I was starting out, like everyone else I looked for similar sites to mine and tried to get link exchanges. Nowdays, not that I don’t want links, I don’t spend much time to try and get links to my site.

I now have the opinion that if you produce good quality content, people will link to you naturally. If you send 1000s of emails out requesting a link, you might get a few links back, but will these be quality links?

The site who promises to link to you might have a page with links to sites, but they could be totally unrelated to your site.

My solution to getting good, quality links back to your site is to try and develop a good relationhip with the site owner first. Leave comments on the author’s blog, provide quality feedback and participate actively in the site’s forum if they have one.

Blog and site owners love consitent feedback on what they are doing. In a competitive blogging world, site fans are loved by webmasters. Once you have become a recognized “site fan” and ask the owner for a link to your blog, or new website, I am sure that they will help you out, with any problem or request you might have.