It is interesting how the 30 day challenge is turning to more traditional methods of building traffic. The video I watched today was on getting links by posting on forums and blogs. It would have been nice to see something a little more original. Although the challenge is primarily for beginners.

I usually don’t spend much time trying to build links, but I have realized that I really need a lot more links to one of my sites that I am currently working on for it to be more successful. I have even been emailing webmasters today who I believe might link to my site.

The kinds of sites I look for are .edu sites and non-commercial sites that have some authority. Commercial sites are very unlikely to even read your email for a link exchange request. I try to write an individual email rather than just a copy and paste job. I also try to think of an interesting email subject. Emails with “Link exchange request” will get deleted by most webmasters.

I submit to a couple of free directories, I definitely try and get into dmoz and Yahoo. I don’t bother with paid directories.

To quote SEO expert Dave Naylor in an interview with Aaron Wall from SEO book, “If it’s really hard to get one link from a site then it’s worth getting… if all you have to do it click a button to add your URL then don’t you think it’s pretty worthless (eg. Blogs, guestbooks, directories etc..)”

I think it is a great quote and one that webmasters need to consider more. I know from my experience a couple of really good natural links brings in more traffic and link juice than a bunch of junk links.