I am putting in an offer for a place in New Zealand this week. Real-estate agents don’t like using email. It can be very frustrating to wait 2 days for an email only to hear the property has been sold. My accountant and buyer’s agent in New Zealand are very good and my accountant even uses Messenger.

I have had a couple of emails from a real-estate agent in Australia who specializes in selling properties to overseas investors. I am planning to try and set up a company to sell properties in Australia to Japanese investors.

I am working on a web-site and then try to promote it on the Internet as much as possible, such as using google Adsense. Then, I would then start considering advertising in print media. I might also try running my own property seminars.

Japanese and foreigners working in Japan can borrow money in yen at an interest rate of 1.7% which could make the properties cash flow positive. Return on any investments in Japan is also usually low and most properties only decrease in value.

The ideas just keep coming.