I used to work with a colleague who always had all of these different ideas for businesses. He not only had ideas, but he used to love telling everyone how much he was going to make in the next month, 3 months, 6 months and so on with this new idea. Some people were impressed, but others could see through his talk.

I was initially impressed by what he said, as he is the typical guy who could “sell ice to eskimos”. He had some good ideas, but I doubt that any came to fruition and I know he had at least one business failure. The last business he told me he was starting still has “still under construction” on its website.

My point of this post however, is that if you have an idea for a business, most people start small and try to then build on the business. Often the most difficult thing is earning your first dollar. There is no point in thinking about some wild projections, that if you can get 100 customers you will be able to earn $10,000.

Think first of how you can get your first customer – your first payment into your bank account. I believe that the first dollar is the hardest to earn in any new business. If you can earn at least one dollar, or get just one paying customer you are at least on your way to starting your new business.