I am looking for my next property now. I am starting to think again about my strategy. I was thinking that maybe I could buy well in Japan. I have found that there are relatively cheap apartments in Tokyo, but still have excellent rental returns.

I figure that I could rent it to a foreigner without them having to pay the usual 6 months up front. There are already companies doing this in Japan, and I have always wanted to get into myself.

The advantages are:

– I can manage it myself
– I can inspect the properties myself
– Very good rental returns

And the disadvantages:

– Little room for capital appreciation
– What to do with non-paying tenants
– Getting finance

Finance is always a tricky one. I don’t mind actally paying more interest than the usual 1-2% and I wouldn’t be borrowing that much if I use some or all of the cash I have on hand.

Also, if it was successful I could sell the idea on to other foreigners.