When I was growing up, our neighbor owned an older model Jaguar XJ. He used to let to us kids play in the car. It was different than usual Fords and Holden cars that most of our dads owned. Since then I have always admired the British car maker.

One car that has recently caught my attention, is the new F-Type Jaguar. It is hard not to think “the future has arrived” when you see this car for the first time. The body is sleek aluminum and everything from the door handles to the engine is electronically controlled.

Push a button on the door and the door handle reveals itself and even has LED illumination for ease of entry at night. If you are looking for a car which makes a high impact to onlookers as you driver around, the F type could be the car for you. The car features an active sports exhaust which will make a lot of engine noise, but still stays safely under any government noise restriction laws.

The steering wheel is comfortable to hold and you can control things such as cruise control and the dashboard display, without having to remove your hands from the wheel. The car has an eight speed quick shift automatic transmission. There is even a stormy or wet weather setting for the car – great for colder climates.

The sound system is impressive, with no less than 12 speakers. The car also features a USB port for iPhone and blue tooth so you can talk hands free on your mobile phone.

The F type has both coupe and convertible models available, with a V6 or V8 engine. The coupe has a quite a roomy trunk and one feature I love is an electronic control, which automatically closes the lid of the trunk if you don’t close it properly.

Certainly if I had the money and didn’t need to drive kids around, this 2-seater high performance sports car, would be at the top of my list.