I still can’t imagine leaving my apartment, even though I have started to sell off some of my stuff. It makes it hard, because in some ways I want to leave Japan and others I want to stay. Unfortunately, there is no way to launch my internet business while living in Tokyo. It is just too expensive a place to stay unless you are making good money.

Since, I am earning so little in Japan from websites, it makes sense to live in a country with cheaper living costs. I have launched a lot of different websites this year and easily have over 100 domains now. Most of which I have plans to create at least a one page site. I have put together three ebooks, which has brought in a few hundred dollars.

My Adsense earnings have not increased at all, but my affiliate sales have increase slowly. I have also found a few more programs that have proved profitable.

This blog hasn’t achieved anything startling, but is easily bringing in $300 a month. Not bad for something that I do mainly for my own benefit, and something I just enjoy updating.

Like other people before me, I have had to make a decision as to whether I try to work on my career as a salaried employee, or to take my websites to the next level and incorporate them into a formal company. I have decided of course the later. I am also thinking of other businesses I could potentially operate so that I am not entirely dependant on the web for income, but rather using the internet to promote an offline business that I am considering starting.

At least for a while, I will be taking some time off and working on my travel websites to try and relax, while still being able to fund my living costs.