I was asked yesterday if Joomla is search engine friendly: do search engines like Google index it quickly? My short answer is no, you do need to do some tweaks, however for longterm sustainability you cannot rely on “tweaks” to get good results in the search engines.

Currently, “title” and “h1” tags are treated fairly high by search engines, which most people know and integrate this into their site. However, if you are relying on this only, you are not going to last long term. What is successful now, probably won’t be as successful in 6 months.

One thing which is reliable is content. Joomla is a great platform for creating a multiple category, multiple section site. Sure, it might take a little longer for Google to index every page, as it is database driven, but it is a great content management system to manage thousands of pages of structured content. Changing things like moving Adsense from the right column to the left column on a 10,000 page site can be done in a few seconds.

There is just one index file, which pulls content from a MySQL database when someone clicks on a link to an article.

I should also add that if you are creating a simple site of around 20 pages, that won’t change much, Joomla is probably overkill – static html pages are probably best.

WP I think is regarded as the best blogging software. It is getting closer and closer to a CMS, but it still doesn’t offer the features of Joomla at moment, in my humble opinion.

Many sites evolve from a bunch of static pages and then move to a CMS to make the site manageable. I am in the same situation currently with my Tokyoessentials site. I am planning to leave it as it is for now, but my next project will be done totally in Joomla.