Some people have been contacting me about how to make money on the Internet. You can make some easy money and some good income streams, but it does take some study and work.

Having said that there is a lot of satisfaction from getting money from advertisers or cheques from affiliate programs versus collecting a pay check from your employer every week. The good thing about making money from an Affiliate Internet site is that once you have put in a lot of the hard work creating the site and making it popular, if it is popular and doesn’t take much maintenance you can continually generate income in the way that authors or song-writers generate income from royalites.

So how do you do it? I think you can classify money making sites into 3 areas. A single website can operate in one or all areas.

– E-Commerce sites
– Content sites
– Affiliate product sites

E-commerce sites
This is the traditional web-site where you use your web-site to sell your goods or services. It is often used by bricks and mortar shops and business attempting to make some extra sales. Amazon is probably the most well-known e-commerce sites around. If you are new in the business look out for new or niche businesses where people are looking to buy hard to find items. E-commerce sites are fairly labor intensive as you have to receive orders, ship goods and provide certain levels of customer service.

Content Sites
Content sites are where you display information on any topic that is of any interest to anyone who cares to want to read about it. If you have a hobby or have some obscure piece of knowledge about something, developing your site can be interesting and a money making labor of love. It takes time for your site to recognized and to see money coming in, but these kind of sites are a good long-term investment. Try to create content that won’t get out-dated easily, so you don’t have to keep updating it. How do you make money? Look for affiliate programs that offer products to your area of interest, or look into using Google Adsense. I will write about this more soon. One great content site that I like is: which has thousands of pages of articles and information for people traveling to Europe.

Affiliate Product Sites
This area of the Internet is where the greatest profits can be made in the shortest amount of time. It is where you sign up to an affiliate program, for example an e-commerce site which sells plasma televisions. You then use whatever method you can to get people who are wanting to buy a plasma television to find your site and buy the product through your web-site. See my previous blogs on affiliate programs if you don’t know about affiliate programs. Do a search now on “plasma televisions” now. If you want to earn money in this area you have to be in the top ten sites. How do you get into the top ten? Do a search on “SEO” (search engine optimization). SEO is a huge area of specialization on the Internet where people can provide paid and sometimes free advice on how to improve your search engine rankings. Sometimes no matter how fantastic your web-site is, if no-one can ever find it is pretty useless. I will write more about this soon.

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