Regardless of what type of business you run, what size your company is or what your future goals are – there are simple yet effective ways that you can do to go green.

Running a green business can help you get the most out of your business by letting you conserve resources and cut down on waste (which saves you money). Above all, it’s a great way to benefit the environment! In the following article we discuss a few easy ways to make your business greener…

1. Turning Off Equipment

A great way to reduce the energy being used by up to 30 percent is by turning off all those equipments that are not in use. Equipments such as computers can consume energy when on, so turning them off by the end of the day can help you save as much as 50 percent in energy.

2. Bring Down Fax Related Paper Waste

This is a simple thing that you can do to go green with your business. How do you reduce such paper waste? By using a fax cover sheet strictly when needed and by making use of a fax modem so that you can send documents directly from your computer and avoid a printed hard copy.

3. Focus on Reusing

Look for products around your office that you know can be put to use in more than one way. If you cannot reuse something then it’s a good idea to donate it to a business that will and can reuse it, and incur a “tax write off” for these donations.

Also, consider the idea of buying used office furniture. If you want to go for new furniture then make sure you choose items that are made out of recycled materials.

4. Do Some Effective Recycling

What better way to make your business greener than to do some recycling? While you may now be throwing a lot of things in trash, some items like aluminum cans, plastic bottles and as well as paper can and should be recycled.

You can easily purchase recycling containers and have them placed around your office, especially in the dining areas.

5. Get Smart About Lighting

If your workplace doesn’t have many windows or if the light is blocked by storage units, then you should rethink the arrangement. Natural lighting is not only healthy but is also free. So why not consider decentralizing the way different spaces in your workplace are lit?

Instead of installing roof fixtures, install energy efficient lighting around the place. Also, look into how you can use alternative energy to power up your office (if you’re based in Texas, then you can compare different electricity companies here


The thing with going green with your business is that once you get started, you will begin to find other effective and useful ways to going green. Try networking with peers to discover what’s working for them and regularly provide your staff with information on ‘green living’ so that the green issues in your company stay on the top.