Business owners and managers will be aware that company profits often rely heavily on the productivity of employees. In order to make your business as successful as possible, it’s important that members of staff are giving their best performance. If you’re interested in encouraging good working practices among members of staff, there are plenty of simple ways to ensure that employees are happier and more productive.

Create a Pleasant Working Environment

If the workplace is an environment where employees feel safe, comfortable and supported, their productivity is bound to increase. The office should be a temperate place in both hot and cold weather, so it’s definitely worth investing in the services of a provider like Pure Air Conditioning. Employees who spend the majority of their time at desks should be given the option of a seat with increased back support. An accessible kitchen where staff can get tea, coffee, water and soft drinks throughout the day is necessary, and you could also consider providing healthy snacks for employees.

Lead by Example

If you want your employees to approach tasks with energy and positivity, it’s essential that you lead by example. The most inspiring managers and bosses are those who practice themselves what they urge their employees to do and don’t consider themselves too good or too busy to set a positive example. If you want to reduce stress levels in the work place, check your own behaviour. Do you spend a lot of your time looking worried or unhappy, striding around the office, or rushing to appointments? If so, this is how your staff will believe they should be behaving.

Value Your Employees

Showing your staff that they are valued parts of the organisation will raise their productivity and efficiency. You can do this by investing in training courses or giving certain employees more responsibility in their areas of interest. Having regular sit-down meetings with individual members of staff where you discuss their goals, strengths and progress will really make them feel like they matter and that their personal development is being cared for by the business.

There is the added advantage that staff who feel valued will be loyal to the company and provide you with many years of excellent service. Small things like remembering the names of staff members, keeping track of events like engagements, birthdays, marriages and births, greeting employees by name and praising them individually for doing a good job will also increase employee satisfaction.