One of the most frustrating things about creating a new website is, when is my site going to be picked up by Google. It is no different from going out and putting on your best suit and sitting back and just hoping some chick will notice you.

I just realized that is the way I should be be thinking: sitting at a bar waiting to be picked up versus launching a site and getting picked up by Google. Here it goes:

Pickup in a bar / Google indexing your site

Bar: You wear your favorite shirt
Google: That flash intro you spent hours on makes everyone hit the “skip” button

Bar: You tell your friends how well you are doing
Google: Your friends are too kind to tell you the truth

Bar: You hit on everyone in the bar, playing the numbers game
Google: Spam gets you delisted from every search engine known to mankind

Bar: Your girl friend dumped you last week
Google: Search engines hate and dump spam sites

Bar: You spend a lot of money on dinner/clothes/presents
Google: PPC isn’t worth the money if you have got nothing to show