A comment on my post asking for guest posters got me thinking, someone called “Rich” said to get someone who is actually wealthy.

So, how do you actually define “wealthy”? Most people would probably say having a lot money means you are rich or wealthy. I made more money when I was working a 9-5 job together with my internet income, but I was always stressed and hated my job. I often felt sick in the stomach on Sunday nights when I thought of another five days of work.

I used to mark down the days on my calendar until my next vacation. I don’t earn so much now, but I feel so free everyday. I no longer dread Mondays or any other day. I have almost been able to eliminate everything in my life that I didn’t like doing. I can live everyday just as though I am on vacation.

I have some properties, earn passive income from the internet and the work I am doing now on my internet websites, does not feel like work at all. “Do something you enjoy and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Material possessions for me are just extra baggage. Most people would look at someone with a big house, expensive cars and toys and say that they are wealthy. They probably don’t even think about the debt the person might be carrying on those possessions. Warren Buffet has lived in the same house his whole life and seems to live a very humble life.

So for me, wealth is the freedom to live how and wherever I like. To work as little or as much as I want without it affecting my lifestyle.

How do you define being wealthy?