It looks like Google has just done an update to website’s PR or Page Rank. If you install the the Google Tool Bar you can see a site’s PageRank.

The PageRank is the importance Google gives to a webpage, using various calculations. For example, backlinks to a site. The value of a high PR is debateable as Google may not be placing as much emphasis on this in their search algorithms.

Anyway this site now has a PageRank of 5! I always thought PageRank was something which was difficult to get, but it seems like Google likes the site. Also having hosted on Blogger which they now own, may also help.

What’s the advantage of a high PR? Your website might appear higher in the search results, which can increase traffic to the site and possibly higher revenue.

The other big advantage is that if you create a new website, and put a link to the new website the PR flows to the new site, just from having a link. It is also important not to cross-link between two of your sites, as this can have a negative impact.