My internet connection is not great in Bali. I think now my internet bill is higher than my monthly rent! Partly because I moved to a cheaper place and now paying to have it in our office.

From time to time, stops working. They seem to have some serious problems with their proxy. The thing is that I just realized how dependent I have become on the big G.

Bing works fine as an alternative search engine, but that is only one thing I use Google for. I use gmail for my mail, both personal and business. I also store quite a bit of stuff in my gmail account.

I have been using Google docs more and more, as it is great to have your documents available anywhere and is ideal for group collaboration. Adsense and analytics are also important services for my websites. I also started getting back into using the blogger service.

Fortunately, I still like Bloglines to read news and blogs, even though Google reader might be better. I don’t want to be 100 per cent dependent on Google, but it is becoming increasingly difficult.