My Google for July finally arrived tonight. I was worried it might have got lost somewhere.

Nev, thanks as always for your advice and comments. I check your blog daily and always interested in what you are doing.

I found Yaro’s blog via After Darren he is the secound Australian writing a great business blog.

It is always interesting to see how people got started making money on the net. Yaro also did of business on Ebay. I use to sell around $2000 of stuff on Ebay a month until I got bored of it. It is a lot of work trying to make money on Ebay.

I much prefer creating passive income streams. Basically a passive income stream is where you earn an income on something you have created or on an investment. Of course, there is some work in maintaining the stream, but basically once it is set up, you just sit back and wait for the cheques to roll in.

Realestate and an evergreen web-site with Adsense are two examples of how I am earning a passive income. Other sources include writing books, stock investments and possibly creating e-books. What’s your best passive income earner?