If anyone is making Internet sites or blogging on the Internet, I strongly recommend using Google Alerts if you aren’t using them already.


I started using them to collect information for writing articles on my site or blog. Then, when I started a new site, I created a new alert just with the site name. For example, I have an alert “nzproperty” for my site nzproperty.org

Google sends me an email everyday if nzproperty appears anywhere on the web (which isn’t too often yet). It might take a couple of days before the crawler Google finds the information before you receive an email. It is useful because I can find out if anyone has written something about my site, and it also gives me confidence that Google at least knows about my site.

It also works the other way. When I wrote a favourable article on the Viator affiliate program, someone at Viator received an alert and wrote me a friendly email thanking me for the comment.