I only heard about Infobarrel through Liz’s blog and reading MMO with SEO.

I have used Hubpages for a while and I have to say, I don’t like the interface of Infobarrel. Until you write 10 articles and get approved by an Infobarrel manager, every article needs to be approved by a human reader. I don’t mind this, but I just had a problem with seeing if the article had been entered into the system successfully or not. To be safe I re-pasted it into a new article and it looks as though my first attempt at saving an article with InfoBarrel failed. Fortunately I wrote and saved my article in OpenOffice, which I recommend doing.

Since articles need to be approved by editors on Infobarrel, Google apparently places more trust on the site. The effect is that you are supposed to get the equivalent link juice as that of ezinearticles.

I feel so motivated the past couple of days, producing actual content on my sites and on sites like Hubpages. I think I have been kidding myself that I was working by reading forums, using facebook and twitter. While I think I still think this is important, it shouldn’t be how you spend the majority of your time.

I am going to try and make a conscience effort from now on at creating content on my own sites and income sharing sites like Hubpages and Infobarrel and rather than using forums and commentating on other blogs to try and get traffic. I also want to try and write more articles on ezinearticles to get traffic and backlinks.

I will updated my progress on my new little experiment.